Attempting to Propagate a Meyer Lemon from a Cutting

I have always wanted to propagate a plant from a cutting. I’ve tried several times before with our blackberry bush, but it has always turn out to be unsuccessful. Hopefully this works in time for Mother’s Day as my mom would like to add some lemons to her backyard. So mom if you are reading this…Surprise! Actually, since this is only my third blog it may be more of a surprise if someone other than my mother is reading this blog.

20170507_094602I started by selecting a branch of fresh growth on the lemon tree. (The lowest branch in the photo on the right).  In this case I was going to prune it off anyway because it was growing directly under another branch.

20170507_094714I made a 45° cut, this increases the surface area of the stem and what will become the roots. I made the cut in the morning on a rainy day as you can see, and just below a node.

20170507_094808Next I removed all but the top three leaves and gave my cutting a little pep talk, since based on my history it is facing almost certain death.

20170507_095223I dipped the end of the cutting in water and then into the rooting hormone powder and tapped off the excess.

Next I pressed about two inches of the stem into a prepared a cup of moist potting soil, and put it under some fluorescent lights in my kitchen out of direct sunlight for now. The generally low humidity in Southern California may have doomed my previous attempts, so I plan to put a clear container over the cutting to make it a more favorable humid micro-environment.


(Some experienced growers may have noticed that my leaves are chlorotic, which I am currently treating at the soil level. I will let you know how it goes, no quick fixes yet, but it is getting better)


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